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Vegan Leather Brands - Moo Approved!

We all(most of us) love to change our style from time to time and Who doesn't love a pair of leather boots or a leather jacket that goes with everything. A Handbag that compliments your attire and that leather belt that can make the simplest dress a complete "WoW".

It's so much better and enjoyable when we know our desires aren't fulfilled by harming or killing anyone. Unfortunately "Genuine Leather" is nothing but a flesh of a dead animal whose life was assumed to be not as worthy as those pair of shoes or that jacket you love the most. Sigh! :(

Although we are saved by some of the brands who actually care about other's lives and obviously loves fashion to the moon and back!

I bring you some of the amazing brands that will surely make you quit that leather made out of a dead animal and actually embrace these faux ones which are high in quality and are cruelty-free!

1) Forever21

A brand loved by all, easy on your pockets and a humo…
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