Top 10 Vegan Brands!

July 13, 2016

It's usually quite easy to find "vegan" and "cruelty free" products in India. You just have to look for some main ingredients that are usually used when marked "Vegetarian". Though Some of the Brands which are "vegan" and "cruelty free" are quiteeeee expensive. :P

One should be able to afford these products as it will then create the demand and exposure in the market. We want more and more people to be exposed to these products and be aware of it's motive.

I've listed such Top 10 Brands which are easily available online or in any Beauty Hubs near you. I won't mention that these are the cheapest brands in the form of MO-nay (if in case you didn't get that, I was intent to say money) :P But they are surely worth the price. :)

If you know more such products mention them on the comments below.

Look out for them! :D

1} The Body Shop

The Body Shop's Beauty products claim to be "ethical" and are inspired by nature. It's available internationally with more than 2,500 stores across. Though some of the products do contain beeswax, so you gotta be careful while purchasing. I've personally used The Body Shop's perfume and lip balm which was amazing. <3

2} Nature's Co

The Nature's Co, is VEGAN!!!! YASSS you read that right!! though most of you might be aware about it but hell, I wasn't. Duh!! Need I say more? Go, run.. Shop the life outta you! hahah.. :D All their products are Vegan and eco-friendly and PETA Certified. From the range I feel they are moderate to expensive but Hey, If you can buy non-vegan International Brands like L'Oreal (FYI L'Oreal has finally started a vegan range of products, so Kudos to that!) :D, Maybelline and blah blah.. Why not invest in something which gives you cruelty-free and guilt-free range of beauty products. :D

3} Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials website is beautifully created and they have got vast range of products from Facial Care, Hair Care, Bath & Body, Wellness etcetera. Their price range is quite expensive but if suits your budget, you might as well try it. The beauty of their products is that its all natural and ayurvedic though I personally did not like the part where honey was also used in some of their products. So you gotta be aware of the products you buy and avoid the ones that have honey in it. You can still find the "Vegan Match" in here. No worries. :D

4} Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is in the market from a really long time and it has its fair share of customers. I personally love this brand as its all natural and cruelty free. Their range of over 250 products in Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care and Make-Up made with herbs are beautiful and long lasting. I specially love their range of lipsticks and nail color. Their price range is quite flexible from reasonable to moderate and it won't be disappointing in quality either. <3 :D

5} Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya products are used by the people from all over the world. Their products made of himalayan herbs are cruelty-free and vegan. These products ranging from Health Care and Personal Care aiming to help people all around the world with their natural way. These products are priced moderate and one can find it easily available in stores and online. I personally love their face wash range. :D

6} Unived Health care Products

Unived mainly compiles of Heath Care products like Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss. Their product ranges from different categories for Women, Men and Children. Also listing some major health factors like heart, cholesterol, Immunity and more... They all are 100% natural and vegan. They are also registered under Vegan Society - UK and PETA India Certified. It's so amazing to find these brands coming up with the ideas that are beyond just business and profit. They are aware of the reality and they find a way to make it as easy as possible for people like us to know and accept it without any "Ifs" "Buts" "Tho".

Specially when we vegans are so "malnourished" *coughs in sarcasm* :D :P

7} Soulflower

Soulflower a brand with such a beautiful name and beautiful products. Their products range from Skin Care, Hair Care, Aroma Therapies and Essential Oils. These are natural, organic and handmade with love and care. The authenticity of these products shows that they are cruelty-free and vegan and also PETA Approved. Their price range is quite moderate given the quality of products, it's worth every penny. They ensure that not only environment is preserved but humans get to experience the true way of keeping oneself beautiful in a natural way. The way it's supposed to be! <3 :D

8} Rustic Art

Rustic Art once again Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. I love it!! :D Ranging from all the categories of Personal Care, Home Care, Baby Care and guess what!! Menstrual Cups!! Whoaa.. I did not see that coming.. it's so freaking amazing.. :D I didn't think it's available in India at all. They believe in everything that nature has to offer and that's how what their products say it too. Chemical and toxins free, you can use these without any fret. The price range is affordable and its beautifully packed. I haven't used one but I've smelled their soaps at farmer's market and they are amazing!! :D

9} Nature's Essence & Coloressence

Once again Nature's Essence is one of the oldest companies in Beauty products and has been cruelty free since the very beginning.  Though you gotta make sure its vegan. They do claim its 100% vegetarian but even those have honey or beeswax in their products. Just make sure before you buy 'em. The Nature's Essence consists of Hair Care, Face Care and Body Care Products. Coloressence is all about the cosmetics products. The prices were surprisingly moderate and they seemed to be of good quality too. :)

10} Omved

Omved, Love their Mantra. Be Balanced, Be Natural. Be You. Rightly said! Their products 100% natural, handcrafted, made in India and Biodegradable. They've got a vast range of Skin and Hair Care, Aromatherapy, Health Remedies, Home & Living and so much more.. They are Vegan, Organic, Eco-friendly and Cruelty free certified. How great is That! Their price range is quite moderate and for the quality they are providing you wouldn't think twice to spend it. :D

All Image Source: Google

And... It's done! :)

Also Let me know if you guys want me to review any of these products personally. Though I'll have to buy it :P But I was anyway planning to do that in my upcoming blogs. Let me know! :D

I'm so happy to see these amazing brands coming up with such unique ideas to serve us all with the pretty and natural things. It's so amazing to see these companies working beyond just the business mindset and actually making a difference in this world. We need more of 'em. <3 :D

These are just the ones I chose with a lot of R&D. There are many companies which serve the same purpose. Help me find them so that I list them soon! :)

P.S Nobody Paid me to list their brand names. It was all done with a lot of research. JSYN (Just SO You Know) :P

I would like to Thank all of them on behalf of the animals and environment because they value and respect their life. <3

Be Beautiful by Being Vegan.

Keep it Stylishly Vegan. <3

Spread the Green Love! :)


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  1. how about Biotique products?

    1. Hi, Their products are all chemical free and organic, though they do use dairy and honey. So you'll have to make sure of the ingredients if your buy their products. :)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to check if any of these brands (esp. Himalaya) are tested on animals! If someone could please update me on this!

    1. Hi Ritwika, Himalaya Herbals is not 100% cruelty free. It does not test it's finished products on animals but is not able to confidently say the same about the ingredients used in their products. They say they get their ingredients from various sources and it is not possible for them to trace animal testing details for all the ingredients, which according to me is a lame excuse. If they want to be 100% cruelty free they would have made an effort. So for me, Himalaya Herbals is NOT a cruelty free company. I hope this helps.

      (Instagram: bebeautethical)

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