Vegan Fashion in 4 simple steps!

First and foremost question that everyone asks a vegan or a vegan fashion enthusiast is what exactly is “Vegan Fashion”?

Well, let me put it this way; Vegan Fashion, also known as ethical fashion which does not involve any kind of products which are derived from animals. So when we say we follow an ethical/vegan lifestyle, we abstain ourselves from using real leather, real pearls, real fur, real wool, cashmere/pashmina (derived from goat’s wool) and raw silk.

Vegan Apparels:
 So what are the vegan apparels/fabrics that we can use? This question always pops up when someone is trying to go vegan. Worry no more. I’ve got a long list down here that breaks down with between non vegan and vegan fabrics.

Vegan Fabrics & Materials used for Jewels- Cotton, Polyester, Chiffon, Crepe, Georgette, Velvet and Satin. Faux Leather made from synthetic, polyester. Jute, Canvas, Hemp, Linen, Viscose. Crystal Metal, Copper, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Stones.

Non Vegan Fabrics - Raw Silk, Leather, Wool, Fur, Feather. These Fabrics are derived from animals. The cruelty that involves is enough to wake our conscience and abstain oneself from using it.
Raw Silk: Silk worms are dissolved in boiling water in order to form individual long fibers to be extracted and fed into spinning reel.

Wool- Wool derived from Goat, Lamb, Camel, Alpaca etc. The process of extracting the wool is horrific. The animals go through tremendous pain because the wool is plucked or trimmed when they are conscious. They get severe injuries while the process and they are not even treated after its done. The most important factor here is it's done without their consent. Would you like to be skinned or slaughtered for any of your body part so that others can use it for their materialistic pleasure?

Fur- The softest of all. Isn't it obvious with the word itself. It is derived from animals like Beaver, Cat, Coyote, Fox, Mink, Otters, Rabbit, Seal etc. They are salved and used and abused for the process and when its done they are slaughtered.

Feathers- Again, Obviously it comes from Birds. In order the keep the long feathers intact, they are directly plucked from their skin. Its from their wings so they can no more fly and thus slaughtered or most of them just die during the process.

Vegan Footwear: 
We all love gazillion pair of shoes for different occasions, for example; casual wear, formal wear, party wear the list goes on and on.. So the most important thing to avoid in footwear is “Leather”. Leather is usually expensive and so the footwear. We all know if we go for International brands we are going to find everything Leather and we don’t need that right. 

Leather- Leather is a famous material which is derived from animal skin. So of course you know, An animal needs to be dead for the manufacturing of leather. Aligator, Calf, Cat, Cow, Crocodile, Deer, Dog, Goat, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Pig, Shark, Sheep etc. These animals are used for its production. Still a Leather fan? Didn't think so.

Vegan Accessories: 
We are all about pretty things. Our pretty things are enlisted as accessories/jewelries. We all love to pair up our outfits with those pretty little things which make our overalls look way more appealing. That’s the magic of it. So when looking for vegan accessories, faux pearl, gold, silver, diamonds, ghetto jewels are the best. Pearls are super expensive so it’s out of the question but if you still have a “love for pearls” like Audrey Hepburn. You won’t be disappointed.  Faux Leather wallets, Faux leather belts. You can get these almost everywhere. Because you know, leather isn’t going to be as cheap as 300 to 500 bucks, right? And why do you need that when you can get faux leather which is way better than a cow’s skin (real leather). Use of Animal's Teeth (Ivory), Hair, Skin, Coral (mother of pearl), Shell, Pearls, Silk Worm Chords etc. These are also used in the making of some jewels. Gosh, Not the smallest of body parts are spared. And we call ourselves HUMANS? Cruel is the middle name for Humans.

Vegan Cosmetics & Personal Care:  
This category is one of the most important ones. We all want to take care of skin, our hair, our body per se and for that we need to make sure that we use minimum or no chemicals and artificial products which can harm our body in any way. So we make sure everything that we use is as natural as it gets. It’s not only good for skin, but there’s no animal cruelty or animal testing is involved. You must be wondering how can cosmetics be used on animals, well, The brands when manufactures a product, it is then tested on animals like Rabbits, Baby Monkeys, Guinea Pigs, Dogs etc. They are trapped in Laboratories until they die a miserable death. Bees are harmed for the beeswax in your cosmetic products which is a havoc for our environment too.  Is your beauty worth a life? Using Natural products is not only good for yourself but you also save a life. You deny to pay these Big Ugly Companies because then you support this cruelty. Enjoying a lifestyle which does good to you and your body and also benefits the animals and environment. That’s like the Icing on a Cake. :D 

And... We’re done! :D

Wasn’t that simple? Vegan Fashion enjoyed by US and the Animals. We are happy and so are they.
Fashion is not just about clothes and beauty. It goes beyond that and holds a meaning when your consciousness meets the reality.

Find out "Top 10 Vegan Brands" list here. :D

Here's the Introductory Part on "Vegan Fashion".


Earthlings (2005) 
Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret. (2014)
Forks Over Knives (2011) Trailer
Food Inc. (2008)
Meat The Truth (2007)

Leave the Animals Alone!

Keep it Stylishly Vegan! <3

Go Green! Go Vegan! :D 


  1. Nice article you've written there Sneha!

    I am probably gonna read a lot of your articles today... :D

    Although, I seriously believe you should reduce exaggerating some things and also make your articles less boring (the ones which are lengthy) by introducing some comedy or interesting things.

    Even though you are a vegan, you shouldn't be too biased on topics revolving around animals.

    But still, love your blog posts! I can only imagine how much time it took to write so many blog posts. I hope that you always keep blogging!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Adarsh, Thank you for checking out my blog. I'll take the exaggeration point into consideration. Though I would like to add that these are not Biased in any way, as they completely speak about the suffering of non-human animals which are inflected by US (Humans). It's called the Oppression on "inferior Species" as we see them. It's no different that oppressing other humans over racism, sexism, Homophobics, Color-ism and so on I'm an Ethical Vegan and spreading the word out about the atrocities done on animals is the responsible thing to do. As you go through other posts you'll come to know that this is all about VEGANISM- A Social Movement & Animal Agriculture- A Global Issue. I Kindly request you to check the video links that I have mentioned at the end of the post. You'll be exposed to a whole new level of truth. Thank you for your time! I hope you like 'em and understand it too. SendingVeganVibesAcross. :)


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