One Stop to Mumbai Vegan Guide!

Veganism is on the rise and as more and more people are going vegan each day, the demand and availability for vegan substitute is increasing as well. We all have been through that phase when we were new vegans and we had no idea how to deal with it and it's still the same that new vegans out there struggle to find vegan food in restaurants or aren't aware how to go about it.

Well, It's quite simple, if you ask me. As a vegan you're aware of what not to consume. i:e; Meat, Dairy & Dairy Products, Eggs, Honey, Seafood. Anything that is derived from animals. So when you want to go out for a vegan meal, you just gotta make sure that whatever you order do not consists aforementioned.

Now, there are two ways for you to have a vegan meal. One, Going to a restaurant and ordering a vegetarian meal and asking them not to add any dairy products. You'll find a lot of vegan options there as well, so do not worry. All you gotta do is make sure about the ingredients.

For example: If you order a South Indian dish, you gotta tell them to not add butter, ghee, paneer or cheese. For Chinese you gotta ask them about the sauces that they add and the same goes for different cuisines. That way you just gotta confirm every time you go to a restaurant where they aren't aware of veganism. Now the Second way, Going to a restaurant that serves "Vegan Option", to be precise the ones who have "Vegan" options on their menu.

To simplify your search on Vegan-Friendly Restaurants, I've curated a list of restaurants/services that provides vegan food. Isn't that awesome! ;)

Note: There are a lot of restaurants that have vegan-friendly food they just aren't marked as "Vegan" and so to avoid any kind of misguidance I've only listed the ones who have mentioned "Vegan" on their menu. So that you can have your meal without having to be worried about the ingredients. :)

This post is more like a listicle, as I haven't been to all of these so reviewing it would be unfair, plus I believe every person varies over their taste buds so I would just suggest you to;
Get the hell out and explore veganism! :D :P 

Here's the list: 
(I'll keep adding as and when new vegan restaurants opens up or the existing ones add vegan options to their menu) ;)

P.S. The reason I have blackened some of the menu is because of the non-vegan options mentioned there and I did not wanted to promote it in any way. Trying to keep it as vegan-centric as possible. 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

BirdSong - The Organic Cafe: 

Zomato The BirdSong

Facebook -  BirdSong Organic Cafe

Burma Burma: They haven't put up their menu on zomato though you can find it on their website mentioned below. It's a vegetarian restaurant with a whole lot of vegan options to choose from. :)

Zomato - Burma Burma Fort

Facebook -  Burma Burma

Website -

The bagel Shop: Here, the options are quite limited when it comes to mentioning "vegan". So there's "Vegan Vibes" Bagel Sandwich and "Soya Shakes". You can still probably ask them to veganize the dish you want to try.

Zomato - The Bagel Shop

Facebook - The Bagel Shop - Bandra

Le Pain Quotidien: 


Zomato - Le Pain Quotidien

Outlets: BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex), Powai, Colaba, Lower Parel

Facebook - Le Pain Quotidien - BKC

Website -

Eat Thai:

Zomato - Eat Thai - Chembur

Facebook - Eat Thai Mumbai

Ray's cafe & Pizzeria: I've been to this place and the ambiance is quite amazing, specially the outdoors. The food is okayish. We had tried the Veganopoly sandwich and Hearty Vegan Pizza. The sandwich was a good one but the pizza was disappointing. Hence I would suggest you to try the sandwich or the salads. Though do try the pizza too if you like. :)

Zomato - Ray's Cafe & Pizzeria

Facebook - Ray's cafe & Pizzeria - Bandra

Wesbite -

Yoga House Cafe: 

Zomato - The Yoga House Cafe - Bandra

Facebook - Yoga House Cafe

Wesbite -

Cafe Basilico: I was amazed to see the vegan options in Basilico and how in every category they have couple of options for vegans to choose from. All the beverages are available in soy milk. How cool is that! <3 :D

Zomato - Cafe Basilico - Bandra

Facebook - Cafe Basilico

Website  -

Salad Days: 

Zomato: Salad Days

Facebook - Salad Days India


Green Appetite -

Zomato - Green Appetite

Facebook - Green Appetite - Powai

Bombay Salad Co -

Zomato - Bombay Salad

Facebook - Bombay Salad Co

The Village Shop - Amazingly there are a lot of vegan options to choose from. Not limited to just couple of them and also you can get the non vegan dishes veganized.. :D  Note: There's one more list of the menu which somehow I wasn't able to attach cause of the format. That has vegan options too, so check the link out in zomato and check out the first menu and the rest ones too. :)

Zomato - The Village Shop

Facebook - The Village Shop - Bandra

Vibe Liquiteria - I could not edit the non vegan options cause of some format issues again. :/ So I choose not to upload the menu image. Please visit the zomato link and there are couple of vegan options in there. :)

Zomato - VIBE Liquiteria

Facebook - VIBE Liquiteria - Bandra

Sindhful -

Zomato - Sindhful

Facebook - Sindhful - Khar

The Pantry: 

Zomato - The Pantry - Fort

Facebook - The Pantry Mumbai


Vegan Bites: 

Zomato - Vegan Bites

Facebook - Vegan Bites - Lower Parel

Website -

My Pure Path: 

Facebook -  My Pure Path


The Green Stove: I completely love them after I ordered a Vegan Cake and believe me, It was so freaking delicioussss!!! Yummiest Cake I've ever had! <3 :D

Zomato - The Green Stove

Facebook - The Green Stove - Ghatkopar

Wbsite -

Simply Vegan -

Flat tummies: 

Zomato: Flat Tummies

Facebook - Flat Tummies - Wadala

Website -

The Eco Trunk: One of the complete vegan e-commerce that has a vast range of products in fashion, food and beauty. It's a one stop solution for your needs. Do check 'em out!

Website: The Eco Trunk
Facebook: The Eco Trunk

Organza Foods: 

Facebook: Organza Foods


Facebook - Yogisattva


Sugar Bliss -  A newly turned vegan, experimenting to make all her desserts vegan! Prior 2 days for vegan orders. Indulge yourself with sugar bliss. :)

(All Image Sources - Zomato & Facebook)

Mumbai Vegan Explored! Pune Awaits... <3 :D 

Now enjoy your vegan meal every time you go out. Hope this helps everyone out there! :)

Remember it's not at all difficult to go vegan, it's difficult to see the animals suffering.

Enjoy Vegan Hogging!! <3 :D



  1. Great post.

    It must have taken you a lot of time to compile all these pictures into a well structured post.

    Hats off!

    Keep up the good work, Sneha!

    Also, I would love it if you could give an unbiased rating to the places you have been to (out of the ones you mentioned in this post). Like, a rating out of 10 or 5... It would help your readers a lot in making up their mind. I am saying this because some of the places do not have yummy tasting food (for example Pizzeria's Vegan pizza).

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Adarsh, Thank you for dropping by and for your positive words. :) As I've mentioned in the blog that I haven't been to a lot of places from the list and the ones that I did give a visit, I've put up a short description about it. Also I agree with you on the Pizzeria's vegan pizza wasn't all that good and so I've mentioned the same above. Have also mentioned the food that you should give it a shot. Please find it above on the list. Thank you for being one of my reader. Means a lot! :)

  2. Wow.This is so extensive and intricate.Thank you so much for spending out your time and energy to make a vegans and aspiring vegans life easier.

    1. Hi Akshay, Thank you so much for your kind words and taking time out to read. It has been great working on this and I hope this helps a lot of vegans and non-vegans out there. Please keep sharing and spread the word! :)

  3. Yes absolutely.It will always be a privilege for me to spread your work. Lets help everyone to become stylishly vegan ;)

    1. Awww... Thank you so much!! YUS!! Let's all be stylishly Vegan :D

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