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What do you do when you have to grocery shop? Specially if you're a new vegan or trying to make the transition. It's infuriating when you've no idea at all from where to start. All the ice-creams, chocolates, snacks are out of the window, that's what you feel. So what should you buy? what are you going to eat when you're famished? what will you hog on at mid-night? How will you find comfort food in the midst of all the chaos to calm you down?

Whoa! This is over-whelming, isn't it? I feel ya! C ause I know exactly what you're going through. :D 
So I thought how about making a list of all the vegan things that's easily available at all locales. Tried only listing things which are available anywhere and not restricted to any particular city/state.

Here you go!


Vegan Biscuits

Britannia Tiger Kreemz - Elaichi/Strawberry/Orange/Pineapple

Britannia - Good Day - Choco Chip

Britannia - NUTRI CHOICE - HEAVENS - Cranberries and Oats

Cadbury Oreo - Regular/Chocolate/Strawberry/Orange

McVitie's - Digestive - Original

Parle Hide & Seek - Regular/Cafe Mocha

Parle Hide & Seek - Bourbon - Regular/Vanilla/Choco

Parle - Coconut

Parle Hide & Seek - Fab - Vanilla/Chocolate/orange/Strawberry

Parle Golden ARCS - Apple/Orange/Chocolate/Strawberry

Parle - SIXER Salted

Parle - Happy Happy - Chocolatey Sandwich Fun/Choco - Chip Cookies/Twin Flavoured Fun

Premium PickWick - Vanilla/MixedFruit/Raspberry/Orange/Pineapple/Strawberry/Chocolate

UNIBIC - Ginger Nut Cookies ONLY

Britannia - 50-50.

Vegan Desserts

Amore -  Sorbets -  Flavours: Fruits/Chocolate

WhiteCub Ice Creams - Choco Heaven/Mango Moments/Butter Scotch/Sinful Chocolate?Stawberry Crust/Coffee Vanilla/Vanilla Mist/Buddha's Fig

Kwality Wall's - Paddle Pop - Cola Blast/Apple Grape Blast/Lemon Blast/Fun Orange


Amul - Tropical Orange/Dark Chocolate/Mystic Mocha

Schmitten - Dark Chocolate Sprinkled with Raisins/Dark Chocolate with Rich Roasted Almonds/Intense Dark Chocolate

Morde - Dark Compound

Fun Foods - Choco Syrup

Hershey's - Choco Syrup

Cadbury - Coco Powder


Maggi - Masala Noodles/Veg Atta Noodles/Oats Noodles Masala

Kellogg's - Chocos Duets/Chocos Crunchy Bites/Chocos Moon & Stars/Kellogg's Special K

Gits - Sandwich Dhokla/Khaman Dhokla/Nylon Khaman/Rava Idli/Rice Idli/Dahi Wada/Dosai/Rava Dosai/Khatta Dhokla/Dhoka/Dal Vada/Handvo/Vadai/Methi Gota/Onion


McCain - Veggie Fingers/Aloo Tikki/Chilli Garlic Potato Bites/French Fries/Smiles/Super Wedges/Veggie Burger

Vegit - Aloo Mash/Aloo Bonda/Falafel/Pav Bhaji/Hara Bhara Kebab/Shammi Kebab/Sabudana Vada/Veg Cutlet

Fitness - All over India and the US

Nutritional Supplements - Unived Sports/Unived Health.

Also an extensive list by SARV here: List of off the shelf vegan products in India

I only came up with this post to make things easier and added some which I found vegan in the stores near me.

P.S A lot of items listed here may or may not be available in your localities. Some products may have changed their names and also the ingredients. It's safest to take seconds to go through the ingredients. 

You don't have anything to worry about going vegan, you only gotta worry about the lives that suffer behind this Big Ol' Food Industry. 



  1. Is maggi vegan? What about E635, E 626 and E 630?

    1. Paranoia. That's what it is! xD

    2. Hi Pratiksha, Indeed it is! Please check the link below:

  2. hey britannia 50-50 biscuits are also vegan

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Shaswati, Thank you for the add on. Have updated! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing good information. Enjoy the divine taste with your loved one, order food online (600+ restaurants in Pune)

  5. Please add yardley deodorants as well coz they are vegan.

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