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Daymmn!! This feels so great! Finally writing something for my blog after ages. I've been so inconsistent with this that I am mad at myself. I may not be a great writer and neither my blog is very well known but writing makes me feel better about myself and I feel like it's a medium to reach out to the audience and specially when it's even mildly related to my passion and my love for veganism. A lot of things have fallen into place in my life after.. forever, I guess. So I hope I get consistent with this too! Here's Hoping Veganfixins comes alive after this! :D

So now that I've decided to write something, this topic came to my mind. "Vegan Substitutes". Yes, Let's be honest, It's a constant battle for us to find vegan substitutes easily available near us. Either they are far away from us or too expensive(not as expensive as someone's life though).

So I thought why not make a whole list of products which are wildly available in the market. Vegan businesses are on the rise in India and so are the people. A lot of them  are embracing its essence and adapting veganism but this is what most of us get stuck on. Some of us have learnt how to deal with it but I wouldn't want new or aspiring vegans to give up only because they couldn't find any alternatives for their non-vegan food. So let me share my wisdom with y'all. ;) :P

There are Dairy and meat substitutes all across, you just gotta step out and find it, now that you'll know the brands to say the least, you can soon find it at the nearest supermarket. Unfortunately a lot of dairy substitutes like cheese, butter, ghee are not available in the market but there are recipes which will at least help you make the transition and so I'll share those as well.

Dairy Substitutes:

A lot of you must have come across these as they are wildly available in the market, so now when you'll know them, you'll surely be surprised to find so many options.

Sofit Brand has 4 flavours in it. That's Vanilla, Chocolate, Kesar Pista and Mango. (Chocolate being my personal favourite and Kesar Pista tasted amazing when tried with "Vegan Bhaang"!! Recipe by Indian Vegan Recipes & IVR Explore, linked here.) ;)

Price: Small pack : 20rs.
Large Pack :  120 rs.

Soy Milky another brand with various flavours that includes Chocolate, Kesar Pista, Malt, Natural, Original. Even though I've only tried the chocolate one but I personally prefer Sofit over anything else. If you guys can give other flavours a try and let me know in the comments down below, it would be great and I might try it too. :D

Price: Small pack : 20rs.
Large Pack :  120 rs. (I've never bought the large pack but I believe it's around the same price).

Ever heard that you can make Almond Milk as well?! Well, here I am to surprise you. :P Almond milk by LHF(Life Health Foods) and they've some really cool recipes on their website as well, check it out here.

Hold on, as this is quite expensive :  Small Pack : 70rs. (yep, you read that right). You might as well make it at home and it would still be cheaper comparatively yet super fresh. :P 

Coconut Milk is well known in South Indian Dishes and that's why some of them are by default vegan. They taste amazing when used in food or even for desserts. Dabur's Coconut Milk is one such milk that you must give it a try!

Another expensive one :  Small Pack : 75rs. Again you might as well make it at home and that would be super cheap.

Now that we solved dairy mystery, let's get into something which non-vegans love the most. Cheese, Butter, Paneer, Ghee.
Sadly we don't have any of these mentioned available in the market except for paneer substitute. That's "Soy Paneer" also known as "Tofu".

Soyfit's  Soya Paneer/tofu is another brand available in the supermarket though It might not be available in all the grocery stores, you can still look out for them in Dmart, Reliance fresh, Big Bazaar and so on. They have 3 flavours as Chilli, Regular and Garlic Pepper.

Price : 75rs/200gm

Soyace, another brand that sells soya paneer/tofu. Never tried this one, so cannot vouch for it.

Price : 140rs/500gm

Now that you've come across these options, you must still be thinking about the cheese and butter alternatives, these products are unfortunately still not available in the market but there are a lot of vegan businesses providing alternatives for these that can satisfy your cravings.

Brands like Chetran's Soy Foods from pune, Aurosoya from Auroville, Vegan Essence- Initative by Sharan India from Mumbai, Veganarke from Bangalore, Roy's Vegan from Delhi, White Cub Ice Creams from Delhi, Vegitein - Mock Meats, Carrots - Fully Vegan Restaurant from Bangalore, SVA Foods from Mumbai, The butternut Co from Mumbai are bringing veganism in lime-light and because of them it's easier for people to opt for veganism without any fuss. They are still growing and restricted in their production cities, if we keep demanding they'll soon spread across all over India.

Chetran's Soy Foods has a vast range of products like Soy Milk, Soya Paneer/Tofu, Soy Spreads, Soy Tikki, Soy Curd, Soy Stix.

The Tofu tastes amazingly delicious and it will surely fool you as "dairy paneer". The spreads are great for your breakfasts or quick bites. Soy milk has plenty of flavours that you choose from. Every product that they have to offer is a "Must Try".

Aurosya products carries a range of Soy Milk, Organic Soya Paneer/Tofu and Smoked Tofu, Organic Soy Spread. I've personally never tasted them but they are well-known for their softest of tofu you can ever find. They have cookies made from soy as well and man, do they look mouth-watering! :D

Vegan Essence, they've started their products from different kinds of spreads, curd, chutneys and they also have a tiffin services and a lot more that has a vast list. :D

Veganarke An Initiative from an Animal Rights Activist and a Hardcore Vegan, their product consists of Vegan Curd, Milk and Yogurt. Growing in Bangalore with a speed! :D

Roy's Vegan products ranges from various curds, dips, butter and cheese. They are healthy yet delicious.  

White Cub's Ice Cream is the first dairy free ice cream brand in India. They have a vast range of flavours that you can pick from and I'm sure you're going to be confused on which did you love the most! :D 

Carrots - Fully Vegan Restaurant in Bangalore is famous for their mouth-watering delicious food. They also retails in dairy-free products such as curds, Milks, Dips & Spreads. 

SVA Foods another brand that provides dairy free milks consists of Almonds, Quinoa and Oat Milk. A must try! 

The Butternut Co a brand that accumulates health with taste and hence the nut butters come to life.

Meat Substitutes:

Vezlay and Veggie Champ, Vegitein Brands , based out of Delhi, are the ones selling mock meats, though they are mostly vegan it's always better to find out if there's dairy in it.

Veggie Champ has a vegan section that has options of Vegan Vienna Hotdog, Vegan Mughlai Hotdog, Vegan Mock Duck, Vegan Burger.

Vezlay got products from frozen to non non-frozen, all vegetarian though you gotta confirm about the vegan ones!

Vegitein - A Complete Plant Based Mock Meat Brand that will make you forget the real flesh of animals. 

And lastly the Rare Earth - The Organic Store India's first 100% vegan and has all the vegan products literally under one roof. Isn't that awesome?! :D

If you find any more of such brands please comment down below. :D

Here's an extensive list on Facebook with all the vegan businesses mentioned in it. Whoever curated this, is the super boss! Didn't feel fair to just pick from their hard earned research and put it here, so just linked the page. Have a lot at it and you'll be amazed! :D

Recipes that will help you with your transition:

Follow Indian Vegan Recipes for such amazing recipe videos and also for Vegan explore all around. <3 :D

Vegan Butter

Vegan Lassi

Vegan curd/yogurt

Vegan Rasmalai

Vegan Bhaang Thandai

Vegan Honey Recipe

Image Source: Google & Facebook

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Embrace veganism. Embrace Compassion. 



  1. i Love chicken substitute, it is healthy as well as tasty that give us taste like chicken.

    1. Yes. I'm glad you've tried it. Please also try diary substitutes. That's healthier as well. Both of these substitutes can satisfy your taste buds and saves animals, environment and humans. :)


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