Mother's Day Special - A Secret That Some Mothers Can't Share And We All Need To Know NOW!

I have so much to say but I don't know how to put in words in a right frame that can actually convey this message. So just keep up with me, okay?!

Even though this idea was suggested to me by my boo, I think it's the right time to talk about this. I personally share a very close relationship with my mother. She's like my best friend and she has always been there for me, like I'm sure every mother is for her child. Here's the day 14-May 2017, that's dedicated to all the mothers out there for us to be thankful to them and give them all the love and value they deserve. Although I believe we don't need a specific day to tell them how much we love them. I know some of you out there are very shy or reserved to open up like that to your parents but even if you do it just once, it might release a lot of emotions that you probably weren't even aware existed and I completely understand sometimes its awkward for our parents too, for some of ours at least but believe me for them it would be the best thing happened to them. We often easily open up to friends and strangers and bond with them, but we sometimes fail to look at those who has brought us up in this world and do everything that they can to make us happy and protect us. And so it's for me and for all of us to tell our mothers that we love them and that we will fight for what they deserve in every way possible and so I'm going to share a story(well more of a reality that our mothers go through to bring us to life).

A woman becomes a mother when she delivers her baby or often people also believe, when a she conceives. That's how her love for her unborn child begins. She takes care of herself, only to protect her unborn baby. She gives that child everything that's needed for it's health and safety. She goes through tremendous pain for months. She sometimes even goes through a lot of complications just to keep her baby alive and safe. She is willing to sacrifice her life just to save her child's. She dreams about her child being in her arms, near her and she dreams of loving and protecting her child till the day she dies. She would do anything in her power to keep that child safe and happy. She awaits for the day when she can finally hold her baby and cherish that moment forever. And when finally that day arrives with a lot of pain and agony that her body and mind goes through where it would even put her life at risk, she feels that her bones would crush any moment but she's determined to get her child safely in this world. All her pain is worth it, that's what she thinks. She wouldn't trade that moment with anything in this world. That's how mothers are, aren't they?

The day has arrived. She knows that she will be able to see her child and hold him/her and love him/her for the rest of her life. She goes through hell and back and she finally sees her baby. Everything that she went through to get her child safe and healthy on this planet, each moment of it she relives, and it's one of the happiest moment of her life! Though something happens, something she never imagined would happen to her. A nightmare no mother would want to even dare dream of. As soon as she hears her child crying, she's not able to reach out to the baby. She's not able to hold him/her the way she thought of. It came as a shock to her that something's holding her back from reaching towards her baby. In all that dark fuzzy moment she realizes that her baby's cry is moving away from her and it's like fading away in the background. It hits her that her child is been taken away from her. She doesn't even get to look at her baby, hold her for a second, mark that moment and feel the happiness as it's already taken away from her. She screams and she cries and does everything in her power to stop them from taking away her child. The newborn child has no idea what's going on and he/she couldn't even see the person who brought him/her to life. The child is not being comforted the way his/her mother would've. She keeps begging to bring back her child. She runs after them to stop them to save her baby and to finally hold him/her. All her efforts go in vain. She's defeated. Defeated by those who call her "Mother". She's defeated by those who call her "Maata". She's defeated by those who call her "Maa" and "Ammi.

She's defeated by every single one of us who claimed that she's "OUR MOTHER" and that we would look after her, respect her, love and care for her. Her cries are heard, but not listened to! You know why? Cause instead of talking she "MOOS"! She screams and she bawls her eyes out, but she's neglected. She doesn't eat and drink but keeps crying for hours and days for her baby who is nowhere to be seen. She's broken, but she can't do anything because she's chained, beaten and tortured. She suffers physical and mental trauma.

She notices that her milk that belonged to her baby is taken away. She thinks that it's probably going to her baby. She thinks at least her baby is alive and gets her milk. Little did she knows that it's just the calf's head hanged in front of her at a distance. She thinks that her baby there in front of her and keeps lactating to feed him/her. But after a certain point of time she going to stop that right? She won't be able to give milk any further like Human Mothers don't after their child grows up. She is then Raped (artificial inseminated) by those who call them "Gaai Maata". She again gives birth after 9 months and loses her baby again. This process is done until she's no more of use. All this while, she is drugged with artificial hormones, her udders are attached to the machines that are on 24/7 to milk her non-stop all the while she's standing and is immovable. She cries in pain. Her udders and legs are swollen up. Her face hurts cause she's been tied up for months. She doesn't get treated for her injuries and doesn't get any food or water. She accepts her fate and she cannot fight anymore. She's betrayed and hurt and she would rather want to die then live like this. Finally after 4 to 5 years of constant rape, torture, cruelty her misery comes to an end. What she wasn't aware of is that she wouldn't even be able to die in peace. She's hanged upside down and the one who slits her throat uses a blunt knife for which he has to apply pressure and constant cutting of the skin which then leads her to bleed out while she being aware of the whole situation. And finally after number of attempts, the knife meets her nerve and she is free from all the pain... the blood finally flows out and the other mothers who are waiting in queue for their turn can smell her blood. They see their death in front of them. Also, there are male calves waiting for their turn because they are of no use to the dairy as they cannot provide milk for us.

This is how mothers are treated everywhere in the world. This is how their life is. This is what they are destined to suffer if they are not Human Mothers. This applies to all the mothers who belong to different species who are killed, abused, raped, tortured, skinned for food, entertainment, cosmetics and fashion. Chickens, Goats, Sheep, Pigs are all treated the same way.

This Mothers Day pledge to not only love and respect your human mother but also the non-human animal mothers. As a mother, as a woman imagine if this would happen to you or your child. Put yourself in their shoes. There's no difference between my human mother and all the non-human animals mother. They all love, feel, suffer, understand the same level.

Let them be with their child and experience the happiness that you do. Live with compassion and harmony amongst everyone.

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They deserve their right too!

There's no difference between my Human Mom (extreme left at the top) and the mom with a baby (extreme right at the bottom) with all the non-human animals moms!



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