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We all(most of us) love to change our style from time to time and Who doesn't love a pair of leather boots or a leather jacket that goes with everything. A Handbag that compliments your attire and that leather belt that can make the simplest dress a complete "WoW".

It's so much better and enjoyable when we know our desires aren't fulfilled by harming or killing anyone. Unfortunately "Genuine Leather" is nothing but a flesh of a dead animal whose life was assumed to be not as worthy as those pair of shoes or that jacket you love the most. Sigh! :(

Although we are saved by some of the brands who actually care about other's lives and obviously loves fashion to the moon and back!

I bring you some of the amazing brands that will surely make you quit that leather made out of a dead animal and actually embrace these faux ones which are high in quality and are cruelty-free!

1) Forever21

A brand loved by all, easy on your pockets and a humongous options to choose from all their leather, fur, pearl are faux in material/fabric. It does not compromise on the quality and surely gives your wardrobe a chic upgrade.

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2) Baggit

It's not just a Bag its a "Baggit"!! :D Beautifully crafted all the handbags is made of faux leather and it's mentioned in each of their listed products.

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3) Vegshoes

Who says styling is only for women?! We love men with an unique and quirky sense of fashion, don't we? This brand compiles classic beauties that is designed for each and every outfit of yours be it casual day out or to a formal conference meet or to a traditional Indian Ocassion. Grab 'em for the man of your life or gift them to any of your friends and family. They'll surely carry them in style.

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4) Ethik

Another Brand that speaks volume about "Compassion Fashion". Ranging from Wallets, Card Holders, Belts and Shoes all of them are finely crafted with faux leather and designed with simplicity yet portrays classiness in them.

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5 ) Zara

We all know "Zara" and we all love their Apparels section. Every Brand obsessed person will surely own one(to say the least) of their apparel or accessories. Loads to choose from dresses to jackets, from skirts to shorts, from crop tops to bottoms. There were shoes and bags as well, though they weren't mentioned as "Faux Leather" so didn't wanted to take a risk and tossed 'em.

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6 ) Mango

A brand known for its unique fashion statement comes with few "Faux-Leather" options in their Indian website range. "Not so common designs" will surely make you want to grab one for yourself.

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7) Senso Vegetarian

The name itself stands up for compassionate choice and all of their footwear are made of faux-leather though the quality will baffle you as completely resembles how a "Real Leather" looks.

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8) Cyahi

A brand that offers "Vegan Leather Bags". The range offers Executive Bags, Handbags and Cross body Bags. All of these made of Vegan Leather and are uber classy and fashionable. A statement of sophistication with pleasant colors will surely brighten up your mood for the day.

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9 ) Caprese

A faux-leather brand that deals with handbags, totes, slings, backpacks for women
I'm sure most of y'all know this brand, especially all the Alia Bhatt's Fans. It was surprising to find out all their products are made of "Faux Leather". The vast range of handbags will confuse you to put your hands on Just ONE.

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10 ) 2AM by Anjali & Meha

This brand has curated handmade quirky designs of Handbags, Totes, Slings, travel Essentials, A varied range for men and kids as well. The designs are super classy and the fabric used for all of them is "VEGAN". Isn't that amazing, I completely feel in love with their uber products. Style, Quality and Ethics is the best combination that they deliver. :D

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These brands give you the options so that you can quit the "Genuine Leather" or to be precise "Somene's Skin" and embrace these cruelty-free beauties that will not only make you and your wallets happy the Cows will be Happy too! <3 :D

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