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Vegan Fashion!

What is Vegan Fashion?

We all are aware of the term Ethical and Eco-friendly but when it comes to "vegan" very few are familiar to the concept. So if you want to know more about what Veganism is, click on it.

Although  I'm here to talk about "Vegan Fashion".

Let's start, shall we?

Let me put it this way, in the simplest form I can possibly imagine. Vegan fashion does not involve any kind of animal use or it's by-products. It applies on everything from apparels, cosmetics, footwear, accessories. One needs to abstain from consumption of these products/brands which involves animals.

How do you differentiate? well here it is.

FYI: Beeswax, ghee, butter and dairy products are used in cosmetics, so when you choose beauty products you have to make sure that they are cruelty free(not tested on animals) as well as vegan.

This is it! Isn't it simple to follow. I know it's quite a short post but I wanted it to keep simple and precise, because this piece o…