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Vegan Fashion in 4 simple steps!

First and foremost question that everyone asks a vegan or a vegan fashion enthusiast is what exactly is “Vegan Fashion”?
Well, let me put it this way; Vegan Fashion, also known as ethical fashion which does not involve any kind of products which are derived from animals. So when we say we follow an ethical/vegan lifestyle, we abstain ourselves from using real leather, real pearls, real fur, real wool, cashmere/pashmina (derived from goat’s wool) and raw silk.

Vegan Apparels:  So what are the vegan apparels/fabrics that we can use? This question always pops up when someone is trying to go vegan. Worry no more. I’ve got a long list down here that breaks down with between non vegan and vegan fabrics.

Vegan Fabrics & Materials used for Jewels- Cotton, Polyester, Chiffon, Crepe, Georgette, Velvet and Satin. Faux Leather made from synthetic, polyester. Jute, Canvas, Hemp, Linen, Viscose. Crystal Metal, Copper, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Stones.

Non Vegan Fabrics - Raw Silk, Leather, Wool, Fur…