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One Stop to Mumbai Vegan Guide!

Veganism is on the rise and as more and more people are going vegan each day, the demand and availability for vegan substitute is increasing as well. We all have been through that phase when we were new vegans and we had no idea how to deal with it and it's still the same that new vegans out there struggle to find vegan food in restaurants or aren't aware how to go about it.
Well, It's quite simple, if you ask me. As a vegan you're aware of what not to consume. i:e; Meat, Dairy & Dairy Products, Eggs, Honey, Seafood. Anything that is derived from animals. So when you want to go out for a vegan meal, you just gotta make sure that whatever you order do not consists aforementioned.

Now, there are two ways for you to have a vegan meal. One, Going to a restaurant and ordering a vegetarian meal and asking them not to add any dairy products. You'll find a lot of vegan options there as well, so do not worry. All you gotta do is make sure about the ingredients.

For exam…