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Vegan Substitutes Under One Roof

Daymmn!! This feels so great! Finally writing something for my blog after ages. I've been so inconsistent with this that I am mad at myself. I may not be a great writer and neither my blog is very well known but writing makes me feel better about myself and I feel like it's a medium to reach out to the audience and specially when it's even mildly related to my passion and my love for veganism. A lot of things have fallen into place in my life after.. forever, I guess. So I hope I get consistent with this too! Here's Hoping Veganfixins comes alive after this! :D

So now that I've decided to write something, this topic came to my mind. "Vegan Substitutes". Yes, Let's be honest, It's a constant battle for us to find vegan substitutes easily available near us. Either they are far away from us or too expensive(not as expensive as someone's life though).

So I thought why not make a whole list of products which are wildly available in the market. Veg…